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Does your Dog do any of the following...

Rule the house
Bite or nip at people
Tear up & destroy things
Aggressive toward other Dogs
Pulls on a leash
Refuses to obey
Overly active or excitable
Excessive barking
Very fearful or shy
Food issues
Or anything else?

I Can Help!

I will teach you how to become the Pack Leader
And restore balance in your home.

I offer Free consultations and in home evaluations

Upon arrival to your home, I will observe you and your Dog to assess the situation and see how you interact with one another. After a brief discussion, if you decide to have me stay for a Training Session, I will teach you some basic skills for your specific situation. I can even help you understand how to communicate with your Dog and have a better understanding how to meet his or her needs.

I only charge $35.00 an hour for a Training Session.
(A small travel fee may apply for locations outside the Branson area.)

I can help your Dog in less than an hour. It is People who take longer!

Working with Dogs

Training People

Changing Lives

Daren Pappas  -  The Dog Guy

(417) 230-5327

Serving all surrounding areas of Branson Missouri

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